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Using AI in digital Marketing

Top 5 Advantages of using Ai in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence is driving us in a very different way.  We all know that artificial intelligence is Transforming the marketing strategies of today’s world. AI helps to improve customer experience by improvising many difficult tasks in an easy and well-performed Way.
The application of AI and the implementation of artificial intelligence is growing day by day. We all are experiencing that AI algorithms are getting improve and becoming an essential part of our digital marketing. If we say that AI has revolutionized our world completely then it is true.
As we know that AI is transforming our world let’s discuss how it is transforming the marketing phase and what is the importance of an AI system? how AI strategies should be implemented to get maximum benefits out of it.

Relationship between AI and digital marketing

Years back people were hesitant to apply AI in their business. But many big companies implement AI in their business and get succeed. Big brands  Like Amazon, Nike, and Alibaba have implemented AI strategies and in the end result, they yield amazing outcomes.
Amazon was the first company who used a personalized system to boost their sale and Alibaba was the first retail store that was based on an AI system and that system was enabled to reduce the prices when required or increase the prices whenever required.
These are great brands that are using AI marketing strategy very genuinely but many business companies are still Dicey about if they should implement AI strategies in their business or not. This blog is going to do wonders for you if you are one of them. let’s discuss something more about its importance.

Benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing

AI has saved much of the time and resources That are required to collect the data. AI has completely changed the landscape of Digital marketing. There are many benefits of using AI in digital marketing and I am damn sure you will not miss this opportunity to read them in this blog.

1. A Better understanding of the audience

As we have discussed earlier, AI saves much of the time and resources that are required to find out and analyzing of data. AI provides us with a better understanding of the audience’s behavior, purchasing, and decisions.
Consumer behavior is now changing and they do not like sending an advertising message to everyone’s mobile or posting an advertisement on Tv screens or billboards. Rather our customer loves personalized marketing and encourages this behavior.
According to our report on personalized marketing presented in 2017 that around 40% of people have switched brands due to a lack of trust or poor personalized marketing.
Around 43% of people love to purchase and respond to such messages that are based on personalized marketing. AI also helps to convert the leads into successful sales due to the best target customer.
AI has improved consumer engagement and helps them to take decisions. Now the question arises how our AI system works when you log on to a big store like Amazon, Netflix, or other brands you make purchases this AI system uses its intelligence and makes the decision of your choice according to your purchases, where you live, your interest, devices you use and then Synchronize such people that have approximately similar choices and when they have a sale or any update regarding that group of the genre they update you.
They also help to make choices by showing you what other people have purchased to make your decisions quickly and easily.

Dynamic pricing

with the help of AI system prices are fluctuated from low to high and vice versa. Every customer has different nature. A customer can make purchases even if the prices are high and some buy when prices are low or discount is going on. With the help of AI algorithms implementation system of digital marketing, brands change their prices from low to high and high to low according to the demands, supply, availability, and  Customer profile.
Let’s discuss the example of an airline company that you visit to purchase a ticket after a few days when you will go back to their website to check if the flight is available or not you will see some of the dollars are up this is the dynamic pricing and based on AI strategies.

Customer service chatbots


WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are very famous among today’s generation. People feel free to contact to many big brands on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. This will leave companies with a lot of burdens and a complex task to reply to every query.
For such situations, companies have implemented AI digital marketing infrastructure in their companies to reply to search queries that are frequently asked questions.
These chatbot systems are used by companies to reply to customers day and night. This makes them reply quickly and satisfy more customers in a short time. These chatbots have the ability to send a query to a human agent if the system finds a query complex and difficult to answer. In this way customer service time is reduced, workload is lifted from the human agents and customer representatives are free to reply to more complex queries rather than replying to every single query.
Chatbots are the most cost-effective method of replying to queries compared to the human as they can perform enough tasks faster and quickly as compared to the human.

Search engine optimization

The search engine is also improvising itself from day to day from a small database to a large e-commerce website. Nowadays we can say Search engine optimization is getting more successful.
Google is a very genius and genuinely amazing search engine, that understands our intent and also helps us to make decisions by asking us did you mean. If a person writes apple on the Google search engine,  Google will ask that if you are searching for an apple fruit, apple technology, or something else.
Nowadays Search engines are doing amazing jobs as they know if the person is using the Internet from a mobile or not if you are searching for a fast food restaurant from your mobile, the search engine will show the results of the best restaurant that is a few miles away.
Voice searches are also getting common and growing these days many good search engines are promoting it. marketers should use AI to optimize their search results on voice searches as we are entering the digital world of speech operation.

When and Where of Digital Promotion

AI has Removed the burden of  Manual selection of promotion channels. There are many choices for making promotion for your business but there is a problem that several choices also make it difficult to have a decision for promotion. Every choice will not result in the same when implemented for promotion purposes.
If all the promotion channels are experimented with and selected manually it will require a lot of resources and also this process will be time taken.
For this purpose, AI makes our work easier. AI-based software decides against posting a campaign or promotion. This software can know which promotion activity will take place and succeed more as compared to the other days. Whenever that time arrives, AI-based software triggers the promotion message and publishes it on board.


To conclude, our discussion we can say that, If you are ignoring the benefits of AI you are already falling behind your competitors. There are numerous benefits of using and implementing AI in the digital marketing world. AI has made our work easier, processes large data without making errors, provides a better user experience, and much more. Compete with the world by utilizing the maximum AI techniques and letting AI do wonders with your business.

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