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Facebook vs Instagram Marketing

Facebook vs Instagram Marketing: Which is Best for your Business?

Marketing is the name of a promotional activity through which you present your business to different people. In older times the business was promoted through billboards, newspapers, and other advertisements. In this advanced era marketing is done in several ways and social media marketing has covered the whole world in the form of advertisements. Today we will discuss the similarities and differences between both platforms to figure out which is better for your business.

Instagram is the third most popular social media channel with 1.4 billion active users but Facebook has 2.96 billion users and is the most popular social media channel.

How do Facebook and Instagram work?

Let’s understand the Facebook and Instagram algorithms to understand the best suitable marketing technique for you. All the social media specialists and other marketing experts want to know which one is better for your promotional activities.

This is still the debatable topic that whether you replace Facebook with Instagram Or vice Versa. Many people think that Instagram has become more popular as compared to the Facebook and other thinks the opposite statement.

So it is difficult to select the most accurate social media platform for you. Before deciding the most suitable business promotion platform we will discuss the way of their work and then we will extract the information Lastly, we will conclude.

The social media channel shows the feeds and posts according to the user’s interests and age.

There are some crucial factors that are involved in the marketing of Facebook and Instagram. First, understand how Instagram display non-advertised post to their user.

Factors involved in Instagram post

Instagram Algorithm

Engagement reactions and comments on each post both images and videos are available in this  platform

Relevancy: post-genre is related to the Instagram user.

Relationship: with the person you follow on Instagram.

Timeline: most recent post

Direct sharing: people who share the post on their walls are ranked higher

Profile searching: posts from the profile you visit mostly.

Facebook algorithm

Friends and Family Facebook shows the post that is shared by friends and family

Post engagement depends upon how much time you spend on a particular type of post

Images and videos are preferred by Facebook as compared to written text only.

Let’s discuss what is happening on the main stage

Instagram is better in the case of direct marketing as it involves more customers and spreads awareness of new products. Instagram is the powerhouse for teens. This battle will remain to continue but knowing the demographics for both of the platforms will improve your marketing strategy level. According to the statistics people around the age of 25 to 34 are the users of Instagram.

User Engagement

Facebook is popular among old people. But there is no hard and fast rule of thumb for user engagement on Facebook and Instagram. It’s all about the content and the interest of your audience. If your business is more representable on images then choose Instagram. Instagram users attract to visual images and videos and look forward to something eye-catching.

On the other hand, Facebook also welcomes written pieces of content. When you will open your app you never know what will your first news feeds. It will be a piece of written news, a status, a quotation, or an image of any kind.  Facebook engages people through its posts and links. Instagram prohibits the links and any contact details. Any extra link or detail is only available on your main profile so it depends on your audience what kind of platform is good for you.

Instagram emphasizes interaction with businesses and companies but on the contrary, Facebook promotes the connection with friends and family. On Facebook, you can easily get information, upcoming events, and much more on a single page.

But you don’t worry about how to gain user engagement as we are here for you to get more user engagement in Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing.

Facebook Vs Instagram Content

We have gained enough information on how these social media platform work for our business. How they catch user engagement but again everything matters hand in hand.

You can post images on both platforms but the thing that matter is the content. One post might be suitable for one platform is not suitable for the other. What matters in posting content is that on Instagram you can post 3 posts in a day but on the other hand on Facebook the the trend followed is the 3 posts per week to get ranked periodically.

There is no need to worry about your content writing. Team 360 is here to provide you with the best content for your Facebook and Instagram posts as well.

Our learnings

What we learn from the above discussion is that both the social media channels are well-designed and well user involved pages. Both of these ways are different and similar in many ways. The daily active user are more interested in videos or written updates. So we can say that  Most of the engagement is received through videos.

Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram as Instagram has almost the same user engagement but this engagement is through images. So we come up with the conclusion that if you want more user engagement on Facebook then the option is video. And in the case of Instagram images work better. But again your nature of work, your industry, and many other factors are involved concerning.

Final thought

Social media channels help us to understand our customer’s needs and we as a marketer have to analyze the users’ behavior to promote our business. And when the question arise which platform is better the answer is both the platforms are better for user engagement in their own ways. We cant say which is greater the person have to understand business needs before selecting the platforms. Audience needs and other behaviors will decide your platform. If we want to conclude the discussion there is no particular answer. Because what works for one business is not appropriate for another business. You business might get great benefits if it work with Instagram and Facebook both.


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